How much does a photographer cost?

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How much does a photogra-pher cost?

How much does a photographer cost? You’ve probably found yourself wondering this at one point in your life or another. Maybe you are a senior getting ready to graduate from High School, and you want to know how much you need to save up or ask your parents for. It’s possible you are in the best relationship of your life, and you just got engaged and you are learning all about the different investments people make on their wedding day. It is important to realize that there are MANY different skill levels for photographers, and research will be your best option when trying to figure out how much a photographer costs.

The question should actually be, how much am I willing to invest in a photographer.

If you are searching for a photographer to capture your senior photos, ask yourself how important is this time in your life? Where do you plan to use your professional photos? Some people like to have these photos for their social media and any online presence for prospective colleges and jobs to see. A lot of families love to hang large prints of their senior’s photos up on the wall. But it’s okay if you have no other plans but to have an image for the yearbook, and a Facebook profile photo. Your answer to this question will help you better understand your willingness to invest more or less in a photographer.

We all have a budget.

Even millionaire celebrities have finance managers to help them manage their money and budgets. Everyone’s budget is different because we are all different. There are different income levels and costs of living for every human out there. Some families are big, so there are more kids to have seniors photos of, therefore the budget for them may be lower. Some people have doctorate degrees with a large family who wants to gift the photography portion of the wedding and the collective amount makes for a higher budget.

What do you value?

Some people value photography highly and see the importance of saving a moment forever, and some have no care between a cell phone photo and a professional photographer even with all the money in the world. This is all different for each person. There are photographers who charge $100 for an hour of photography, and there are others who charge $1,200 an hour. In my professional experience, most photographers know how to charge their worth. And if they don’t, they are possibly undercharging and will learn their value as their progress, grow, and evolve. Photography is an extremely complex art, and the more you learn and practice the more you value yourself, and the more people who value photography will invest in you. Cameras are expensive, editing programs, and softwares are costly. Hours spent learning, practicing and editing are of that value. When people tell you their prices, the important thing to recognize is there is so much more that goes into photography than the actual photo taking. Also, photographers typically charge more with more experience. They say you are not paying for the time spent taking the photographs, but the time it took to know how to take those photographs so beautifully.

The following images reflect the years of experience and approximately how much I charged per hour behind the camera.

Early Photograph from 2015


1st year

$100 an hour

Little girl in tree farm


2nd year

$150 an hour

Little girl in the rain


3rd year

$175 an hour

Girl swinging on a blanket


4th year

$250 an hour

Bride and groom kissing in front of smoke


5th year

$300 an hour

Bride and groom with flowers


6th year

$400 an hour

Bride and groom on maine coast


7th year

$500 an hour



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