In Home Posed Newborn Photography

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In-Home Posed Newborn Photography

Sometimes, not having my own studio adds a little bit of a challenge for me, but a challenge is what I like! I was so fortunate that after we switched plans from the local greenhouse to their own home, this session worked out perfectly! Mom was a little worried that her little guy might be difficult to photograph, but we really got lucky, I MIGHT just be a baby whisperer! Newborns just LOVE to be wrapped up and cuddled, and if you catch them sometime before they are 10 days old, they are usually pretty easy to photograph and work with. I was able to find a cute little spot in their living room right next to a sliding glass door and a perfectly cloudy, soft light day. This made for the perfect lighting for newborn photos. They even had a fireplace going to keep the baby warm! I was able to do several looks, poses, and angles with him! I also got some cute cuddly poses with mom and dad in too! They were so impressed with my wrapping skills, that they asked me to wrap him up one more time in his own blanket before I left. 


Newborn baby scrunched face with hand on cheek
Newborn baby wrapped in basket and furr
Mother and father looking at each other holding newborn baby
Black and white mother and father holding newborn baby
Newborn baby posed and wrapped in green looking up
Newborn baby glaring at camera wrapped in white wrap
Newborn baby wrapped in basket with afghan blanket and sleepy hat
Newborn Baby wrapped in white wrap in basket with furr
Mother holding newborn looking out window in chair
Black and white newborn posed photo of baby in bear outfit
Mother and father sitting on floor with newborn in front of crib
Black and white newborn photo of mother holding baby


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