Newborn / Postpartum Photography

Mother holding newborn baby
Newborn baby in bassinet
Newborn baby posed in basket with furr neutral colors
Newborn in bassinet
Newborn baby fresh 48 photography
Newborn fresh 48 photography
Postpartum mother and baby
Newborn baby fresh 48

Save the fleeting moments with a unique newborn/postpartum photoshoot. Growing a baby and becoming parents to your newborn are some of the most emotional and meaningful times in your life. Your baby changes so much in the first year. A newborn/postpartum session is a special way to savor the first few weeks of your baby’s life. I love to capture their tiny details like chubby cheeks, eyelashes, and little hands. Newborn and postpartum sessions are not only a lot of fun, but families get to cherish them for generations to come. 


My style is more towards dark and moody with elements of raw and authentic emotions.  When you look through my portfolio you will see a lot of high contrast images. You will also see a lot of unique compositions and thought evoking images as the signature style.  I love contrasting colors as well as neutral tones too. I aim to photo outfits that do not have words or pictures on them. I offer a few items for people to choose from, and parents are also welcome to bring some of their own items too that might add to the theme of the session. Textures are my favorite to photograph. 


Newborn safety is always the number one priority. I would never force a pose on a newborn.  If your baby is acting uncomfortable for a certain pose I will soothe the baby briefly, and if that doesn’t do the trick, I move to another pose. While making sure your baby is completely safe and comfy during the photoshoot, I also love to simply photograph baby with mom or dad, where they feel the safest.  My years of experience with posing babies and photographing newborns as well as my ability to settle your newborn always helps the session go smooth for all.  After booking, you will receive a guide to prepare you and your baby for the session. I focus on capturing unique and detailed newborn photographs and aim to make your experience one of the best memories. 


I always recommend scheduling as soon as possible but after you are around 20 weeks is typical, but you can always book much sooner.  Newborn photo sessions are best done when the baby is under 10 days old because that is when babies are the sleepiest and the most flexible, giving you all the nice cute poses.  There are a few things I consider once your baby is born and understand that the first few weeks are sometimes difficult.  When planning newborn photos, I consider when your baby arrived in relation to the due date as well as the feeding schedule.


Most families prefer to have their newborns photographed in their own homes. Sometimes I photograph fresh 48 newborn photos in the hospital or I come to your home to do them. For photo sessions, newborns start out in their diapers, therefore wherever the session is located, I advise you to make sure the space is warm ahead of time.

What to wear

Babies start their sessions in a diaper usually, and then I add the headbands, blankets, wraps, hats, outfits, and props designed for newborns as we go. I bring some of these items from my closet, and parents are welcome to use some of their own items under my guidance. You will not need anything extra as I have it all covered.  It is recommended to choose very simple clothing, so the photos are not too distracting. A more detailed prep guide will be emailed after booking!

Skillful editing

My best work comes when I take the time needed to edit the best photos of you and your baby. I edit each and every image with great pride.  Together, you and I plan the session with ideas to create one-of-a-kind photos. After the session, I work to choose the best photos for your gallery. I ensure the best expressions, emotions, and details. The final post-process takes around 2 weeks. Once you receive your digital album, you can order products and prints for your walls. 

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