Rainy Family session in Stockton Springs

Sep 10, 2022 | Family | 8 comments

Rainy Family Session

Stockton Springs, Maine

With rain in the forecast, we were unsure whether to reschedule or not, but Sarah told me her kids LOVE to play in the rain! So we decided to take the risk, and play in the rain if it showed up. It was only sprinkling when the family and I first met up at the beach, so we thought maybe we would get lucky. But little did we know it would indeed rain, but after this session I no longer see rain during a session as a bad thing. We embraced it, the kids had fun, and the photos came out AMAZING, I must say so myself! 

For this session, I already knew the family pretty well as I had previously photographed the two youngest boys births several years ago and have continued to capture their family throughout the years. We planned ahead of time and coordinated their outfits together. Sarah did most of the styling and she really knew how to match colors, patterns and styles just as I was hoping for! The bright, bold colors were so perfect on top of the corduroy, fur and sweater textures. This is the most perfect example of wonderfully coordinated family outfits! 

This family photo shoot was mostly unposed and informal. I wanted to approach family photos in a relaxed and natural way. I gave them prompts here and there to give the kids short activities that would produce authentic images of real and fun memories shared together. 

Towards the end of our session, after running around in some light rain, a double rainbow appeared above the water and we could clearly see the start and end! The kids found some seaweed and made natural water squirters with them! Enjoy these photos from our time together.


Little boy holding shell on finger wearing green overalls
Little boy picking up shell on beach with family in background
Mother wearing orange sweater carrying son on back at beach
Husband and wife close facing with man pinching chin
Little boy kneeling in tidal pool in jean jacket
Mother holding baby with family at stockton springs beach
Little girl with two little brothers in front of double rainbow at beach
Mother and father standing together with six children running around them on beach
Little boy wearing jean jacket playing in tidal pools
Little boy laughing and smiling wearing white shirt
Two boys on stockton springs beach
Little boy in green overalls being held by mother wearing orange sweater on beach
Little boy holding up seaweed with family on the beach
Big family of six walking through grass in front of beach
Sister tickling brother on neck at beach in stockton springs
Little boy wearing white shirt laughing on beach in front of rainbow
Kids in bold colors picking up shells and seaweed on beach in front of double rainbow
Mother and daughter wearing orange holding hands with little boy wearing green overalls at beach
Mother holding son wearing orange at beach
Little boy up close looking at camera with brown curly hair
Bride and groom smiling with bride in focus at head table
Little boy in green overalls picking up shells at beach
Kids tickling each other sitting on log in front of grass
Mother and daughter dancing and spinning at beach
Little boy smiling and on beach with family in background


  1. Michelle Robertson

    Bree, these kids will remember these family pictures for the rest of their lives! What an incredibly awesome idea for family pictures! I’m so glad mom decided not to reschedule, but instead let her children play in the rain, which you captured beautifully.

  2. Andrea

    I do love the unposed and natural photos in this family session. What better way to capture doing life together than to play! Even in the rain!

  3. Brandi

    Bree, these are amazing! This is my first time seeing your work and I am a huge fan already! You took a situation that could have been super stressful and turned it into beautiful memories for this family. These are family photos that they will treasure for a long time.

  4. kelleen hite

    Oh I love this rainy day session, and I know the kids did too! How fun for them all, and such a different view for the parents! and the rainbow is the perfect ending! Well done!

  5. jeanine

    You captured such great moments for this Stockton Springs family session, and even a rainbow! I love your beautiful portraits!

  6. Candace Miller

    These are amazing photos! I love that this family was up for playing in the rain and you captured them perfectly! What a great story!

  7. Jodi Major

    Beautiful memories made for this Stockton Springs family. I love that they weren’t afraid to get wet to capture a fun time!

  8. Susan

    I love the spontaneity of this gorgeous beach family portrait shoot! The colors are wonderful too.


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