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Maine Photographer

My Story

I have been a full-time photographer for over 5 years, and have been taking photos for almost 10. I am from Corinna, Maine, and travel all over the state for photography! I am always continuously growing and evolving in the ever-changing world of photography.

I went to college for business management and small business development and graduated in 2012. A few years later, I began to get more in touch with my photography as a hobby. By 2016, I was a full-time professional Maine photographer. I genuinely enjoy my life’s work documenting incredible moments.

When I am not photographing Weddings you might find me sitting by the fire or relaxing near the Maine Coast! My favorite place is Acadia National Park! I love to read books, go kayaking, and hiking. I love spending time with my little dog Indy too.

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Features & Awards 

featured Birth becomes you photographer award

Respectfully Documenting Remembrance Photography

Loss looks different for each family. It is important to recognize and be sensitive to all stories. Stillbirthday compiled a list of loss experiences:

Photobug featured photographer

Dear Nikon, Here’s the List You Really Need.

It came to our attention that Nikon put out an interesting list. Not just any old list, but a list of their top ambassadors in Asia (although, not all are from Asia). To the surprise of many, not a single woman made it to that list. 

Huffpost best birth photographer

18 Moving Birth Photos From 2020

Birth Becomes You celebrated the powerful images birth photographers took amid the challenges of last year.

Lookslikefilm best birth photographer award

Birth Photography – Experience 48 of the most powerful Birth Photos

Giving birth is surely one of the most intense & overwhelming things that can happen in a woman’s life.

Love what matters birth photographer

Her 17-minute life was filled with nothing but love.

Dads, you are allowed to cry, too.’: Couple shares ‘life-shattering’ moments their preemie daughter is born, dies in their arms.

Cafemom birth photographer

I Found Out My Baby Died in the Womb & Knew I Still Wanted a Birth Photographer

I always knew I wanted to have a professional birth photographer take pictures of my labor and delivery.

Birth becomes you photographer

The Winners of Birth Become You’s 2020 Image Celebration | Best of Birth Photography

The year 2020 started like most others. I attended births in January and February; things were normal, birth was birth. Then March came, and the pandemic hit.

Lookslikefilm best photographer award

Why Birth Photography is so rewarding

Birth Story Photography was not something I planned on doing on the regular. I thought I’d try it once, probably be so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t do it again, but I was wrong.

Bangor daily news birth photographer

This Maine photographer captures the beauty and heartbreaks of birth

There’s a growing social movement to “normalize” pregnancy and childbirth, and Waltman documents the process to provide a glimpse into the miracle of birth — in all its forms. 

Emotional storytelling feature twyla jones feature

Stunning Collection of Images Photographed at Blue Hour

Blue hour is without a doubt one of my favorite times of day! I love getting to incorporate the moon and stars and play around with slow shutter speed and various off camera lighting techniques at the end of a session.

Featured photographer maine magazine

Photos of a Maine Summer on the Water, as Told by Our Readers

In celebration of our favorite season, we asked our readers to send us their best water photos because, truly, what is a summer in Vacationland without a plunge into the lake or the salty sea breeze in your hair?

photobug featured photographer breezy photography 2022

Top Pics of the Month for July 2022

Our top pics for July 2022 are ready to make their debut. This special collection represents a variety of photography styles, experience levels, and perspectives. 

Real Maine weddings photographer badge 2022

Wedding in the mountains

A stunning wedding at Hardy Farms in western, Maine is featured in this Real Maine Weddings Magazine.

Read what people are saying about Breezy Photography!

“Brianna is, quite simply, exceptional. Finding good and trustworthy people to help coordinate with you on your wedding day can be a daunting and stressful task, but at my pre-wedding consultation there was not an ounce of anxiety to be had!!” -Emma Chamot

“Working with Brianna was so much fun and memorable. Her ideas flow naturally and her laughs and fun remarks behind the camera made it feel like we’d known her for months. To me fun and comfort in photography is what it’s all about and Brianna is nothing short of both.” – Veronica Thornton

“We giggled. More importantly, I felt comfortable with her. We connected instantly. She is genuine, sincere and loving. She found her passion and I was the lucky recipient of her talents.” – Michele Dwyer

“I will tell you that from my first email inquiring prices she never delayed in response. We reserved our date months in advance and throughout all that time Brianna never forgot about us. Not only that but my due date went a week past and she was so flexible” – Hailey Harder

“She was awesome and took charge and told us exactly what to do (which we loved). She was super fun and creative about it too! We even got all of our pictures back within the week, which is amazing!” – Bridgette White

“Very enthusiastic and energetic while taking photos, made my husband and I feel 100% comfortable! She is an amazing photographer and the final product was amazing, she uses light in such a great way and captures at unique angles.” – Crystle Eldridge

“I was so comfortable having Brianna’s professional and calming personality in the room. There’s so much that I missed in the moment, but now I have those special glimpses in time forever thanks to Brianna.” – Audrey Comingo Hughes